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News & Highlights

Flawless Designs

May 1st Live Webinar - Successful new product launches require predictable and error-free manufacturing. DFMStream delivers that and more, while improving quality, and offering time and money savings.   

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New Training Schedule

July 10 and 11: Attend CAM350/DFMStream or BluePrint-PCB Training happening at DownStream's corporate office in MA.  Plus, September 4 and 6th training courses happening in Atlanta GA. This is a  great way to capitalize on your software investment and strengthen your skills. 

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YouTube Channel

Are you aware DownStream has a YouTube channel?  Visit it to watch DownStream product videos and more... 

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Simplify Documentation

May 2nd Live Webinar - Automate the creation of documentation while improving the transfer of instructions from design to assembly and manufacturing. High quality PCB documentation leads to fewer questions, fewer errors, and lower overall costs.

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Training in Pittsburgh PA

May 29 and 30th you can invest in your software and in yourself by attending training.  It is important to learn how to use your software tools to their fullest potential.  

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DataFlows Fall

This issue is filled with helpful technical product videos to guide you through our software. Also, for your convenience, we have put our popular PCB West session into an article format.

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