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  • Verify and Optimize PCB Designs for Sucessful Manufacturing
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  • Create Comprehensive Documentation to Drive PCB Fabrication, Assembly, and Inspection
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News & Highlights

Build Flawless Designs

September 19, Tuesday - Streamline your Process.  Successful new product launches require a predictable and error-free manufacturing. DFMStream delivers that and more, while improving product quality and saving you time. 

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Move Forward Faster

Attend PCB West this Fall in Santa Clara. Visit our booth to experience our latest releases and new product features, plus attend our popular free presentation which has been updated to meet today's changing demands!  

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New Software Builds

June 19- New builds have been made available for CAM350/DFMStream, BluePrint-PCB and all our viewers.  To benefit from the enhancements and features, upgrade today.

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YouTube Channel

Are you aware DownStream has a YouTube channel?  Visit it to watch DownStream product videos and more... 

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Streamline PCB Documentation

September 20, Wednesday - Automate the creation of documentation while improving the transfer of instructions from design to assembly and manufacturing. High quality PCB documentation leads to fewer questions, fewer errors, and lower overall costs.

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Technical Training

Your software investment is important, invest in yourself so you can learn how to use your software tools to their fullest potential.

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Product Demonstrations Ondemand

In order to serve you best, we have recorded our technical webinars so you can view them at your convenience from anywhere. 

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