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News & Highlights

What a Long EDA Trip it's Been

An interview with DownStream co-founder Joe Clark

No doubt about it: DownStream Technologies co-founder Joe Clark is an EDA veteran, with a history that dates back to the very beginning of EDA tools through the merger madness of the late '90s and beyond.

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"What's New" Article

At DownStream Technologies

Article featuring an interview with Rick Almeida and Andy Shaughnessy

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New Software Builds

April 11

New builds have been released for CAM350/DFMStream, BluePrint-PCB and all our viewers.  To benefit from the enhancements and features, upgrade today.

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Product Training

July in Boston

CAM350/DFMStream and BluePrint-PCB technical training happening in March and July

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Upgrade Your CAM350

Risk Free for 60 Days

Experience the difference DFM analysis can make on your designs and NPI by upgrading your current CAM350.

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Design Automation Tools,
Today and in the Future

Interview with Kelly Dack by Andy Shaughnessy

"I have great things to say about DownStream's BluePrint" - Thanks Kelly! 

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"Taking on Data Documentation"

You May Love Your Job

But DownStream understands the part you dislike.  Documentation!  The final step, which is often tedious and not very enjoyable.

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The State of the Electronic Design Automation Nation


DownStream Technologies is mentioned in the FAB & Assembly Drawings Section of the article.

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"Mitigating the High Cost"

Focusing on Streamlining PCB Documentation

When considering the efficiency of your PCB documentation process, you must measure both creation and maintenance of a complete documentation set for the full life cycle of the product.  

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"Design for Manufacturability"

Featured in PCB Design Magazine

As the speed of electronic devices continues to increase, so does the cost of re-spins, making good DFM practices more important than ever.

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