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News & Highlights

Advanced Analysis

October 13 - Tuesday - Webinar

Discover the Power, Performance, Price difference with DownStream!  Get powerful DFM in an easy-to-use environment. Save valuable time. 

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DFMStream Featured Functionality

Automatic Error Detection and Correction

Use DFMStream's automatic correction feature to fix acid traps,  mask slivers, pin holes, starved thermal reliefs and solder bridges.

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DownStream Spotlight

CAM350 Panel Editor

Create Custom Fabrication Panels to Minimize Material Waste.

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Automate Simplify Enhance

October 14 - Wednesday - Webinar

Discover the Power, Performance, Price difference with DownStream!  Simplify the creation, distribution, and ECOs of your PCB documentation. 

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DownStream Software Updates

New Releases - September 17

BluePrint-PCB, CAM350, DFMStream and all DownStream viewers have been updated - upgrade today!  Follow the link to see more specific details. 

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CAM350 Spotlight

Customize your User Interface

If you require unique menus, command sequence, toolbars, icons, use the Customize dialog to tailor the user interface to your specific needs.

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