DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs

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DownStream's tools combine comprehensive feature sets to handle complex designs with a very easy-to-use interface, allowing even the infrequent user the ability to generate PCB artwork, design validation, and bare board and assembly drawings and documents.

With BluePrint, PCB engineering groups can expect to reduce the documentation process to a fraction of the time it normally takes - even more when engineering change orders (ECOs) are required. With ECOs, since all views, details, and charts of the PCB remain linked to the original PCB CAD data, they are instantaneously refreshed in BluePrint whenever the original CAD data is changed. This technology received a US Patent. - Free Evaluation, Product Videos, and More Details

DFMStream analyzes your Gerber files, ODB++, or IPC-2581  and NC data before the design is committed to manufacture. DFMStream's analysis can be performed  at any time during a design cycle. The DFM analysis goes beyond the typical minimal design  rule compliance and grants you the ability to identify and correct potential issues, avoiding any  manufacturing delays, saving you money and time. With DFMStream you will experience shortened turn-around times, improved product quality, overall reduced costs (improving the bottom line) - Free Evaluation, Product Videos, and More Details

When using CAM350, the CAM engineer will accurately prepare, optimize and process the design data. CAM350 will perform an in depth analysis of the data to locate manufacturing violations, it will create optimized mill and drill files, prepare test data, and produce panelization strategies, all resulting in an automated, highly effective process - Free Evaluation, Product Videos, and More Details

  • Seek out and repair manufacturability flaws in the design
  • Create NC files quickly and accuratelyOptimize the drill and mill machine performance
  • Streamline tooling with panelization functionality
  • Extract the essential data to drive test equipment
  • Optimize test machine performance and probing time
  • Identify collisions, break-outs, and un-probable conditions