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DFMStream/CAM350 Webinar

Improve Product Quality while Saving Time  and Costs

A best in class new product introduction process  requires a predictable and error free transition from design to manufacturing. Discovering  design errors during the manufacturing cycle leads to production delays and unexpected costs.  Organizations with a best in class NPI process analyze for potential errors before committing a design to fabrication when there is more time and greater options to address them.

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BluePrint-PCB Webinar

Create High Quality Documentation while Saving  You Time and Money

A best in class new product introduction process requires a predictable, repeatable and error free exchange of documentation between design and  manufacturing. High quality PCB documentation leads to expedited assimilation of a design  into manufacturing with fewer questions, fewer errors, and lower overall costs. Organizations  that demand high quality PCB Documentation be an integral part of their process realize  shortened turn-around times, improved product quality, and overall reduced costs.

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