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Assembly Driven Panel Design

Wednesday April 26, Track 1 at 11:00AM

Ray Fugitt - Technical Sales Engineer Downstream Technologies

Most Printed Circuit Boards are fabricated and assembled as multi-image panels. The most common PCB panel is a step and repeat of gerber images in an array. This approach to panel design is typically driven by the PCB Fabricator.

PCB Designers provide one up gerber files of the PCB, and the fabricator makes most or all decisions regarding panel design. This approach works well for low volume production where cost is not a priority, and assembly is a secondary consideration.

A second option is that the PCB designer does a step and repeat and then exports a format that they can read into a mechanical CAD system. The document for the panelization is then created in the mechanical CAD system. PDF's are then created as output. This is time consuming and if the design changes the entire process must be started over again.

Most Assembly panels today are created using these or a combination of these procedures.


Ray has 32 years of Printed circuit board experience. He spent 15 years on the manufacturing side, 11 of these were with Hadco Corporation in California. Joining Advanced CAM Technologies as an Application Engineer, he supported the CAM350 product through PADS and later Innoveda mergers. In 2002, he joined Downstream Technologies in Technical Marketing and later Technical Sales positions. He continues to support and train for both the BluePrint PCB and CAM350 products.

About Downstream Technologies

DownStream Technologies helps engineering organizations post-process PCB designs to create and distribute all the deliverables needed for PCB fabrication. CAM350® and DFMStream® verifiy and optimize PCB designs to drive efficient, first-time PCB fabrication. BluePrint-PCB® works with PCB CAD systems to produce electronic drawings to drive the PCB fabrication, inspection and assembly processes.