DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs


Modularity allows you to configure a solution to meet your exact needs, keeping in perspective your financial constraints and technical requirements. As your needs change, this structure allows you to expand and change your system.  We also offer popular preconfigured solutions to meet your needs including:

BluePrint configurations include:

BluePrint-PCB 2000

The Most Extensive Documentation Solution - Includes the Assembly Panel Toolkit

BluePrint-PCB 1000

A Powerful Documentation Solution Packed with Functionality


Advanced documentation solution, configured to work with your specific CAD database.


BluePrint Foundations

Entry level Solution to get you Started - Includes GUI, database, Drafting and basic dimensioning tools, Common tool pallet with drag and drop elements, Task panes, Edit/Preview/Design modes, Gallery, Preset templates without editing, Hard copy print

Consult one of our sales representatives to assist you with configuring the solution that is best for you.