DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs


Full Importation of PCB CAD File

BluePrint uses PCB CAD data to drive the documentation process. Components, pins, assembly mounting sides, layers, vias, nets, assembly variants, part attributes, drill holes and symbols, are just a few of the data records that can be imported into BluePrint to accurately create PCB document elements.

Multi-media Import Formats

Digital content such as JPEGs, BMPs, GIF, etc may be imported and used in the drawing. BluePrint also allows the importation and use of audio and video files to be imported and stored with the documentation package. The multi-media files may be linked within the documentation drawings. BluePrint invokes the users registered media player to play the audio/video file. This function allows users to use multi-media applications such as video recording the process for a complex sub assembly, in addition to the traditional note and detail approach to PCB documentation. The result is clearer instructions with less ambiguity and potential for deviation in the manufacturing process.

Exotic File Importation

Data from other Windows® applications can be imported and used in the BluePrint documentation package. BluePrint imports Gerber, PDF, RS274X, DXF, XML, ODB++, JPEG, GIF, TIF, BMP. BluePrint’s clipboard function also allows cutting and pasting with other applications including text and raster graphics.

PDF Interface

BluePrint allows you to export non-intelligent PDF, representing your entire release package or any number of specified drawing sheets. This is just one of many options you have for viewing and sharing the documentation you have created.

The PDF importation allows you to bring in schematic diagrams created by other EDA applications and use it as part of the PCB release package. The imported PDF data is stored in the BluePrint database and can be used on as many drawings/sheets as you require. 

DXF Interface

Enables importation and exportation of DXF files.  Import DXF files directly into BluePrint for dragging and dropping mechanical hardware onto drawing sheets along with PCB views.

Import CAD system

Grants importation of CAD system data, including:  Allegro, Boardstation, Expedition, CR5000, PADS, CADStar/Visula, OrCAD Layout, Altium Designer

CSV/ODBC Interface

Parts lists stored in Enterprise systems can be imported into BluePrint via CSV or ODBC formats. Upon completion of the documentation cycle, revised parts lists can then be exported through either format back to the Enterprise system.

Import Gerber

Gerber files can be imported and used on drawing sheets to document PCB artwork layers.