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Highlights from BluePrint-PCB 5.1


New Graphical Interface (Ribbons)

The user interface was updated to current Windows desktop style replacing menus and dozens of toolbars with Ribbons. This new interface has the same appearance and ease of use found in current desktop applications. This update improves the usability of BluePrint by offering easy access to commonly used commands. In addition, context sensitive ribbons are presented for a selected object. These ribbons offer instant access to object specific commands and formatting options. Additions to the user interface include a World View pane, additional controls on the status bar, and dockable multi-purposed panes with an auto-hide feature.


Using Colors to better Create Assembly Panels

In order to show a more realistic view while creating an assembly panel, colors are used during panel creation. User can set colors for panel waste area, boards, mill tabs, web routes, drills, and many more items to insure that the panel drawing matches the intent for the finished panel.


New Panel Dimension Tools

Panel Specific Coordinate Dimensions functionality has been expanded to meet specific requirements for PCB panels. The dimension text was expanded to include a count of all pinning holes, fiducials, board zeros, or mill tabs in a vertical or horizontal axis.   Chamfer dimensions can be extended to include the count of chamfers. For example, “4 X .100 X 45°”.  A pinning hole dimension will display pinning hole specific details including drill diameter, tolerance, and count of identical pinning holes.


Checking for Proper Mill Tab Placement while Creating Assembly Panels

Milling errors can be prevented or detected by enabling the milling checking
features. Select the types of milling errors to analyze including minimal spacing for
mill tab to component, mill tab to copper and mill tab to drill. Create mill tab keep in
and keep out areas to define preferred locations for mill tabs. Analyze minimal
distance between mill tabs and the keep in or keep out areas. Error detection is
modal with choices of prevent, warn or no checking. Additionally, analyze patterns
across all PCB images for mismatches. When enabled, error checking is performed
anytime edits are attempted to a web route or mill tab.


Design View Enhancements

The options dialog was expanded to include new Design View options for setting transparency globally for the design view or specifically for filled shapes.  The options dialog was expanded to include new Design View options for setting BluePrint reference designator minimum and maximum font size, default rotation and right reading status. Print from Design View is enabled.


Text Box Resize and Highlight of Hidden Data

A new option was added to the Text options to enable/disable the highlight of text boxes with truncated or obscured text and to set the highlight color. New Text Box format dialog features enable text boxes to re-size automatically when the text strings exceed the box size.


Pad Visibility Enhancements

On the Layers tab of the Design View and Advanced settings for any PCB view, additional visibility options are now available for pads and traces. Choose a pad and trace color, fill or no fill option (outline) and set a hatching preference.