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CAM350 Webinar

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CAM350 with BluePrint an All-Inclusive Solution

Remember when Placement and Routing tools revolutionized the way you PRE-Processed your PCB designs? At this free webinar you will learn how CAM350 can do the same for POST-Processing your designs.

CAM350 is an integrated suite of tools that addresses the needs of the PCB designer who is charted with releasing a PCB design to manufacturing. It imports an intelligent design file and focuses on the key areas of PCB post-processing. The result is a single electronic Release Package, that is portable and viewable by others, that ensures successful manufacture anywhere, anytime.
CAM350 sets the new standard for post-processing PCB designs. With CAM350 you can verify design and Gerber files, optimize the files for manufacture, extract tooling to generate Gerber, Drill and Mill data in industry standard formats, create comprehensive PCB documentation (using BluePrint) and easily distribute a c comprehensive electronic Release Package with all the deliverables for successful PCB fabrication.

Demonstration will include How CAM350 ™:

  • Verifies design and Gerber files for Manufacturing
  • Extracts Tooling information to generate Gerber, Drill and Mill data
  • Automates Engineering Change Orders
  • Creates comprehensive PCB documentation
  • Creates an electronic Release Package for distribution

Who Should Attend this Webinar

  • PCB Designers
  • Engineering and CAD Managers
  • Project Engineers and Managers