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January 29-31, San Diego CA - Visit DownStream at this five-day event like no other in the printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing industry. Professionals from around the world come together to participate in the Technical Conference, Exhibition, and Professional Development, Standards Development and Certification programs. These activities offer seemingly endless education and networking opportunities that impact your career and company by providing you the knowledge, technical skills and best practices to address any challenge you face.

Product Webinars

Discover DownStream's highly acclaimed software products - CAM350/DFMStream 14.0 and BluePrint-PCB 6.0. During this demonstration, we will walk you through each product's functionality and features, while highlight the cutting-edge changes that came with Release 2018.

DownStream has created a truly integrated 2D/3D environment for improved PCB post processing, with technology enhancements including:

  • 3D visualization and documentation of manufacturing data
  • Completely new and streamlined user interface for CAM350 and DFMStream
  • Seamlessly share data among all DownStream products with our common database
  • Improved management and execution of all DFM analysis functions
  • Support for 64 bit, as well as other upgrades

Tuesday - January 22 - CAM350/DFMStream Registration

  • 6:00AM PDT/9:00AM EDT (2:00PM GMT / 3:00PM CEST)- Register
  • 11:00AM PDT/2:00PM EDT - Register

Wednesday - January 23 - BluePrint-PCB Registration

  • 6:00AM PDT/9:00AM EDT (2:00PM GMT / 3:00PM CEST)- Register
  • 11:00AM PDT/2:00PM EDT - Register

Technical Product Training

Your software investment is important. With each new release your tools become more robust. Learn how to successfully use and navigate the features found in Release 2018.

CAM350 and DFMStream Technical Training

  • February 26 - Orlando FL
  • July 16 - Marlborough MA

BluePrint-PCB Technical Training

  • February 27 - Orlando FL
  • July 17 - Marlborough MA

Did you know DownStream has a YouTube channel? Check it out new product videos and more.