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Customer Testimonials

Avid Technologies

"BluePrint reduces the time we spend documenting PCBs and greatly reduces our manufacturing risk."

Mr. Mark Sinreich
Avid Technologies, Inc
Engineering Consulting Firm

Cadence Design Systems

"Today's PCB design challenges require more and more focus on specific design issues. Board designers do not have the time to continue to focus on documentation without a negative impact on product schedules."

A.J. Incorvaia
Group Director
Allegro PCB Group
Cadence Design Systems

Harbor Electronics

“If you care about the accuracy of your documentation, and saving valuable time during document creation – this is the TOOL for you. BluePrint makes life a lot less complicated – that is assembly life!"

Edwin Batoctoy
Sr. Applications Engineer
Harbor Electronics, Inc

MMI Designs

“I am a small shop. My business model is based on hourly billing, so there is no return on investment unless I raise my rates, I now spend less time on drawings, meaning less billable hours. But I can produce even more professional documentation with less effort. Customer satisfaction has been high. I hate documentation, so my level of satisfaction is even higher. Searchable documentation with embedded popup attributes and the new free viewer make this a very powerful and useful tool.

David Ricketts
MMI Designs
PCB Design Services

PCD and Manufacture

"Any focus given to improving the documentation problem is a no-brainer! PCB Designers should be able to spend less time on low-value - but crucial - tasks and use their skills were most needed - designing printed circuit boards."

Andy Shaughnessy
Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture


"During the process of searching for a new documentation solution, we discovered that BluePrint was the only product on the market that met all our requirements" "DownStream was not only able to provide the base functionality we needed, but they also were able to understand our needs and incorporate custom solutions into the product."

Stephen LoCicero
Senior Director of Engineering


"Not only does BluePrint change the model for documentation creation, it also changes the way documentation is accessed by manufacturers."

Mr. Hubert Weyerich
Tecnotron Gmbh
Contract Manufacturer

Waters Corporation

"With Blueprint we have reduced the time it took to produce our PCB documentation package from hours to minutes! We are extremely pleased with rapid response and the level of support we have received."

"With BluePrint, there is never a reason for a manufacturer to interpret what the design intent was because the documentation and instructions are so complete..."

"It reduces our risk significantly and gives my team the confidence it needs and in today's environment, that is worth more than anyone can imagine."

View Waters Success Story

Bob Laman
PCB Design Manager
Waters Corporation