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Design for Manufacturing

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Design for Manufacturing (DFM) tools provide a variety of benefits to increase productivity and shorten time to volume production. They help the user choose the most appropriate fabricator, identify design flaws and detect other failures that may escape traditional electrical verification.

With DFM solutions from DownStream, fabrication rules are brought into the PCB design domain in a way that is understood by the PCB designer. Analysis verifies the PCB database, while still in engineering, and identifies issues that may cause problems in the fabrication process. Making sure the design data is fabrication ready will eliminate bottlenecks in the CAM department of any fabrication shop.

DownStream DFM solutions provide over 80 essential bare-board analysis checks. Locate, identify and automatically repair all violations up front before any investment in hard tooling. Automatically check for acid traps, soldermask slivers, copper slivers, starved thermals, soldermask coverage, and more.

In addition, you will have the option to Crossprobe your design, automatically identifying errors in a split screen with your CAD tool, maintaining the integrity of the data source.

  • Analysis results are graphically displayed in a simple, easy-to-follow format
  • Violations can be immediately viewed and potential problems instantly fixed
  • Analysis checks take only seconds... even on complex boards
  • Design data is maintained by locating errors in the CAD database and making appropriate alterations

When PCB designers create boards with fabricator's requirements in mind, as well as their own, the result is quality design files that can be successfully manufactured.  This saves everyone time, resources, and money, while getting products to market even faster. 

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