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Highlights from DFMStream 12.1


Streams Rule Check Enhancements

  • Trace to Anti-Pad Spacing Check - A new check to analyze the minimal distance between an anti-pad (or void in a plane layer) and traces on adjacent layers. Traces will be analyzed against either negative plane anti-pads or positive plane voids.
  • Same Net Spacing Checks - Clearances between copper, traces, and pads of the same net are analyzed against a user specified minimum distance.
  • Annular Ring Check Expanded for Negative Planes - Annular ring checking for negative planes in the previous release looked at only pads centered on drills. Annular ring checking now will analyze anti-pads, filled polygons, or drawn lines having a drill embedded or nested within them.
  • Additional Negative Plane Checks - Copper to Copper spacing (different nets) and Antipad to Antipad Spacing


Adding Intelligence to Gerber and NC Layers for Analysis

NA new option was introduced in the NC tool table in the Tolerance data section. Select the option to define a drill as through drill, backdrill, dual drill, via, laser via, blind via, buried via, or a combination of the choices. New option for laser vias to be more correctly identified using a diameter threshold and the layers traversed. Through vias greater than the specified diameter are set as (through) vias. Through vias of the specified size or less are set as laser vias. Vias with a diameter less than the specified size that traverse two layers are set as laser vias.


Graphical Interface Update

The user interface was refreshed to the MS Office style with new menu font, enhanced pane docking features, and user selectable color schemes. Panes (such as the Navigation Pane) can float, detach, or even be set to automatically hide. Panes can also be nested within each other.