DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs

Optional Functionality

If you want more out of DFMStream you can always enhance its core functionality by adding more. We have built all DownStream products to be flexible and reconfigurable to fit your exact needs.

Advanced Panel Editor

The Advanced Panel Editor automates the panelization process.  It allows for creation of panel templates, intelligent coupons, pinning holes, fiducials, and title blocks. Populate panels in either an automatic stepping mode or use a spreadsheet for total control. Venting and thieving are fully automated as well, processing multiple layers in either a positive or negative polarity with user-defined patterns.  Anyone creating Panelized databases for production can benefit from this feature.

Advanced NC Editor

The Advanced NC Editor gives you powerful capabilities to manipulate NC drill and mill data in your designs. You can add drill hits and mill paths, as well as advanced canned NC routines such as Drill Text, Mill Circles, Operator Messages, Pilot Holes and more.  It allows checking and optimization of NC data in preparation.  Anyone involved in running a drill or mill machine can benefit from this feature.

Flying Probe Editor

Flying Probe test for bare-board PCB's has never been easier! A powerful graphical editor and filtering options allow you to extract all the necessary data like nets, test-points, and adjacency information in a snap. The Flying Probe Interface presently writes the Probot, ATG, Integri-test, PROBOTECH, IPC-D-356, IPC-D356A file formats, as well as a special ACT Neutral format.  Anyone running or creating files for a Flying Probe Tester can benefit from this feature.

Bed of Nails Editor

The Bed-of-Nails Editor produces all files necessary to build a single- or double-sided clamshell test fixture. A graphical editor and filtering options give you complete interactive control of the test point information. Supported formats include TTI (Test Technologies International), Circuit-Line, IPC-D-356, IPC-D-356A, as well as generic plate drill files and netlists. Anyone creating Bed-of-Nails fixtures can benefit from this feature.