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DFMStream 14.0 Now Available                           

3D visualization and documentation of manufacturing data allows you to minimize manufacturing defects and delays in production. A completely new and streamlined user interface for CAM350/DFMStream has been implemented for continuity among all our products. Improved management and execution of all DFM analysis functions to streamline and improve the processes. Seamlessly share data among all DownStream products with our common database.

We created a truly integrated 2D/3D environment for improved PCB post processing. DFMStream is designed to analyze, verify, and optimize a PCB design for successful fabrication.

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DFMStream will import your CAD database or you can choose to import Gerber files. It will then verify that the electrical characteristics match the design intent. Errors can occur in translation such as accidental inclusion of non electrical items in Gerber output or problems with manual separation of voltages on a plane layer. CAM350 will graphically match up original design files with Gerbers to ensure accuracy by locating any disparities.

DFMStream also offers Design Rule Checks (DRC) to verify the Gerber layers match the design rules in your CAD system and the capabilities of your fabricator as well. DFMStream’s Design for Fabrication (DFF) tools insure the board not only matches manufacturing capabilities, but also searches out design flaws that may affect yields resulting in missed deliveries and delayed product release.

DFMStream’s Design for Fabrication (DFF) Analysis pulls fabrication rules into the PCB design domain and presents them in a way that is understood by the PCB designer. DFF Analysis verifies the PCB database to find issues that may cause problems when entering into the fabrication process.

  • Directly import your design data for true WYSIWYG representation
  • Analyze, identify, and fix manufacturing flaws that may cause delay
  • Inspect for etching, soldermask, thermal, and spacing violations
  • Verify and maintain design integrity and intent
  • Easy to learn, use and implement

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