DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs

DownStreaming 2020

Thank you for attending our DownStreaming 2020 online event. The presentations and videos of each session are below. Thank you.

DownStream Welcome Address - PDF / video

This session, given by Rick Almeida, offers a general DownStream overview, featuring our strategic direction, plus upcoming product roadmap. 

A Sneak Peek at CAM350 14.5 / BluePrint 6.5 - PDF / video

What's next... presented by Mark Gallant... an early look was given to show features currently in DownStream product development.

Unlocking CAM350 Verification and Analysis - PDF / video

In this session, presented by Ray Fugitt, we explored a number of CAM350's analysis and verification functions to mitigate errors between design revisions as well as using the tools to help select the best PCB fabricator for a design.

Using 3D Elements in PCB Documentation - PDF / video

PCB 3D technology provides an opportunity to use 3D models to further illustrate complex PCB requirements in documentation. This session, presented by Joe Clark, covered using 3D PCB models to create interactive documentation that augments traditional 2D drawings.

Making Sense of Netlist Compare in CAM350 - PDF / video

Netlist compare is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure that manufacturing data is correct before going to PCB fabrication. This session, presented by Mike Harris, covered how to identify and troubleshoot common issues found in PCB artwork.

Illustrating Variants & Process Steps for Practical PCB Assembly Drawings in BluePrint - PDF video

Today's PCB designs deploy assembly variants to make the most of a single PCB component. However, most design tools provide little support for variants in documentation. This session, given by Joe Clark, explored how to create PCB assembly pictorials that accurately reflect variant builds during each phase of the assembly process step. 

GUI Tips & Techniques for CAM350 - PDF / video

Version 14 of CAM350 introduced a new modernized user interface to maximize productivity. Mark Gallant explored how to organize and manage the new CAM350 GUI to increase productivity and streamline the user experience.

Rethinking Assembly Panel Design in BluePrint - PDF / video

The term "panel design" is used to cover both PCB assembly panels and PCB fabrication panels for production. This session, presented by Ray Fugitt, pushed into common misconceptions about Panel design and what's really needed for successful PCB assembly.

Using 3D Models in PCB Post Processing and Stack Up Visualization - PDF / video

This session, presented by Rick Almeida, explored CAM350's 3D technology to model manufacturing data to help visualize how the finished PCB component will look like before submitting the design to fabrication. The session also explored how 3D can be tied in to verification and documentation.