DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs

Executive Team

DownStream Technologies executive management team consists of three equal founding partners. These founders were former executive staff members of PADS Software. The roles they were responsible for included product marketing, distribution, and research and development. Rick Almeida, Joe Clark, and Ken Tepper have been working together for well over 20 years. Each of their skills and talent blend to create one driven and focused team.

Richard (Rick) A. Almeida

Rick, as one of DownStream’s Founders, oversees company strategy and direction as well as corporate communications and product marketing. Rick was previously Vice President of Marketing for Innoveda’s Product Realization Group charted with delivering high speed PCB design tools to the electronic market place. Prior to Innoveda, Rick was Vice President of World Wide Marketing for PADS Software and served on PADS executive staff from 1997 to 2000. Rick was responsible for the acquisition of ACT by PADS Software in 1998.

Joseph (Joe) G. Clark

Joe, as one of DownStream's Founders, is primarily responsible for sales and finance. He manages the distribution channels and sets DownStream’s overall distribution strategy. Joe was previously Vice President of Alternative Channels at Innoveda, Incorporated where he was responsible for Innoveda’s network of Value Added Resellers throughout North America and Europe. Prior to Innoveda, Joe was Vice President of International Sales at PADS Software where he managed all distribution of PADS products overseas and also served on PADS executive staff from 1997 until 2000.

Kenneth (Ken) Tepper

Ken, as one of DownStream's Founders, is responsible for Research and Development, operations, and technical support. Previously, Ken was a Director at Mentor Graphics Corporation and was responsible for product direction of Mentors' Personal Engineering PCB design tools. Prior to Mentor, Ken was Vice President of Product Realization at Innoveda, Incorporated where Ken oversaw, development and marketing of Innoveda's High-Speed PCB design and engineering tools. Before Innoveda, Ken served as Chief Executive Officer and President of PADS Software Incorporated from 1999 until Innoveda’s acquisition of PADS in October 2000.