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Maintenance Renewal

We appreciate your investment in DownStream and our software products.  In order to provide you with the level of support and assistance you need, and to continue to develop, enhance and maintain the products you have invested in, we encourage you to maintain a valid maintenance contract.

Having your products on a current maintenance plan guarantees software updates (including bug fixes), direct contact to our technical experts, and more.

With a valid maintenance contract you will enjoy:

  • Unlimited technical support via our support hotline, website, email
  • Access to upgrade your software to the latest release anytime via our website
  • Opportunity to stay current with popular software platforms and data formats
  • Replacement, at no charge, of any faulty security devices
  • Network users are allowed to transfer or split existing licenses at no cost once a year

Maintenance Benefit Datasheet - Review this maintenance benefit datasheet to understand the importance of maintenance

If you don’t have a current maintenance contract, don't worry, it's easy to reinstate it.  Simply email with your information, and we will take care of the rest.