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News & Highlights

CAM350/DFMStream 14.5

Tuesday, March 23 - Webinar details

  • 6:00AM PDT/9:00AM EDT (2:00PM GMT / 3:00PM CEST) - Register
  • 11:00AM PDT/2:00PM EDT - Register

Key highlights and Features to Support for Flex/ Rigid and Embedded Components

  • Import / Export ODB++ and IPC 2581 Modification
  • Import / Export Modification to support PCB Core Material Data
  • Stack-Up Visualizer Modification
  • 3D View Port Modification
  • Area Tool Modification
  • DFM Analysis Modification
  • Parametric Solder and Paste Mask Generation
  • Assembly Panel Creation
  • New Documentation Objects
  • Output Generation

Attend our webinar to learn about CAM350 and DFMStream designed to analyze, verify, and optimize a PCB design for successful fabrication.  We created a truly integrated 2D/3D environment for improved PCB post processing.