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Release 14.5 and 6.5 

"Flex and Embedded Component designs have become more popular as electronic products have become smaller and more complex, especially in the military, aerospace, medical and commercial markets," said Rick Almeida, one of DownStream's Founders. "With these new releases our tools support full Flex/RigidFlex bi-directional passing, as well as unique documentation features not found in any tools'" he added.

Key Highlights and Features to Support for Flex/ Rigid and Embedded Components

  • Import / Export ODB++ and IPC 2581 Modification
  • Import / Export Modification to support PCB Core Material Data
  • Stack-Up Visualizer Modification
  • 3D View Port Modification
  • Area Tool Modification
  • DFM Analysis Modification
  • Parametric Solder and Paste Mask Generation
  • Assembly Panel Creation
  • New Documentation Objects
  • Output Generation

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