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Pcb Documentation

PCB documentation creates the manufacturing specification for an electronic product. The more detailed the documentation, the less likely manufacturing mistakes will occur. It also ensures that repeat builds of the same product are consistent and makes final inspection easier with less chance of unit rejection or shipment delay while waiting for assembly deviations to be approved. The documentation also gets archived to ensure repeat builds remain consistent.

In an industry wide survey we conducted, nearly every PCB Designer cited that current PCB documentation methods are time-consuming, make it difficult to implement design revisions, and prevent them from moving on to the next design project.

DownStream PCB documentation solutions:

  • Automatically create PCB views, details, and tables from PCB CAD data
  • Remove constraints of PCB CAD but retain design intelligence
  • Use PCB intelligence to create common drawing elements
  • Create live and interactive documentation with hyperlinks and multi-media
  • Store all information associated with the PCB assembly in one electronic “release package”
  • Support instantaneous engineering changes (ECOs)
  • Allow viewing of documents without the application, via web, PDF, or Viewer

DownStream PCB documentation solutions:

  • BluePrint-PCB®


BluePrint-PCB is DownStream’s PCB Documentation Solution.