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DownStream Software Updated December 1, 2017

If you are not currently running the latest versions of our software, we recommend that you upgrade today. The latest versions contain software corrections, product enhancements, and new technological advances.

Active Maintenance Customers Only

Please select the correct option to properly upgrade your software.

Welcome to CAM350/DFMStream Release 12.2 Build 1155 and BluePrint-PCB Release 5.2 Build 1255. All customers under maintenance as of August 1st are eligible to download this release. New License have been bundled into the download process.

Download CAM350/DFMStream

Download BluePrint-PCB

New Users and Maintenance Reinstatements

Proceed to Download DownStream Software Products - The license file which was emailed to you is necessary to activate the software properly during installation.

Unix Network Users - Updated April 15, 2014 - Windows® Daemons are part of the installation

Solaris Daemon - For Sun Solaris Network Users Only

LINUX is a new platform support.  The LINUX support is specifically for Red Hat® Linux® version 6.5 or greater. Our LINUX support is only for the license server, not for the product installations!

License Request, Problems, or Questions

Please email support with your question, and if necessary, attach your current license file and the error message you received.