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Software Download

CAM350/DFMStream Release 14.1 and BluePrint-PCB 6.1

This release is a major 64 bit architectural update with different system requirements than previous releases. Notably, only 64 bit operating systems are supported. In addition, Release 2018 is not compatible with Windows 7, Window Server 2008 or MS Office 2010.

Please review System Requirements prior to attempting any updates.

Current DownStream Users Only

The download link below is strictly for existing product users. As a prerequisite to downloading the software, users are required to validate their eligibility to install the update. Instructions for validating your eligibility are provided on the web link below.

Software Download and Maintenance Validation Form

Product Licensing Update Required

To use this release, you must update the DownStream license management software and your license file. The installation process will install these updates for you. This includes updates to nodelock and license servers using a Dongle, MAC Address or UUID as hostID. Consult the installation guide for additional details on installing the update including how to update Linux based license servers.

Note: The updated license management and license file enables use of Release 2018 or previous releases of CAM350 12.2 and BluePrint 5.2.

New Product Users or Maintenance Reinstatements

Instructions for downloading the software without maintenance validation were provided via an e-mail with your license file. If you require assistance, please contact Sales

DownStream Free Viewers

CAMvu and the BluePrint Viewer were both updated to support release 14.1 and 6.1. Vu2581 will be updated at a later date. Download the Viewers Thank you.

License Support Request or Other Support

If you require assistance with your software license, use the license support request form, or send an e-mail to license support. Please provide your contact information in the e-mail.

If you require other product related assistance, use the support request form, or send an e-mail to technical support. Please provide your contact information in the email.

CAM350/DFMStream 12.2 and BluePrint 5.2

For your convenience, we are making the older versions of our software available for downloading. If you require these builds, please contact us.