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Maintenance Customer Download Wizard

CAM350/DFMStream Release 12.2 Build 1155

Software updated December 1, 2017

This process has been designed for active CAM350 maintenance customers ONLY.  If your CAM350 system is not under a maintenance agreement, this download wizard will not allow you access to the latest CAM350 software release.


Step 1: Validating Your Maintenance Contract

To Obtain your Host ID and Serial Number:

GO TO:  File, Set-up, Licensing

Inputting your information: USB key users need to put in dashes with their serial number like so "010-xxx-xxxx". (It will not allow you access without dashes or with the DST=) Users that are licensed to a MAC address (aka host ID), no dashes.

For Network Users:  Please refer to the install guide to retrieve instructions on how to obtain your Host ID / Serial Number / MAC address on your license server.

First Name:
Last Name:
Company Name:
Registration #
- OR -
Serial # /Host ID:

Thank you. Once you hit "submit" your information will be verified and you will be lead through the download wizard.

If you have trouble with the form, please email us