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Welcome to DownStream Technologies University Program.

If you are an accredited school for electronics education, we will work with you to introduce BluePrint-PCB® into your curriculum at no charge. This innovative, ground-breaking software was designed to help users quickly produce comprehensive electronic drawings to drive PCB fabrication, assembly and inspection processes.  BluePrint-PCB ® is a new concept for automating PCB documentation. 

BluePrint-PCB "knows" it is creating a PCB document and imports the entire PCB CAD database once to automatically create and link unlimited PCB views and details, while at the same time maintaining the design intelligence and overcoming the constraints imposed by both PCB and mechanical CAD alternatives. The result is an electronic document which better articulates the instructions for successful PCB manufacturing.

If you are interested in participating in this program you must agree to not use our products for the development of commercial or military products or subassemblies thereof.  If you meet these guidelines, please complete and submit the form.  We will review your request and contact you with any questions.

Thank you.

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